BMF Kettlebell

Supplier: Jordan Fitness


The Be Military Fit Kettlebell is a No1 choice when it comes to building strength and core as part of your military workouts.

  • Made of seriously strong cast-iron, which combats the extreme weather, so more than tough enough for any outdoor workout
  • A simple, yet sturdy one-piece design finished off with a matte coating that both withstands knocks and drops.
  • Smooth handles with the ideal grip size for any BMF recruit, rigorously tested to offer perfect weight distribution across the kettlebell
  • Add Swings and other kettlebell exercises to your workouts to build the core power needed to pass a classic Military style sit up test, or use in kettlebell circuits to build cardiovascular strength and endurance.
  • Available weights include 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg & 24kg