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THE MILITARY FIT PACK is the required equipment package that enables a franchisee to deliver the following programmes:

- Military Fit
- Active 
- Crossrun

All franchisees must purchase this product package to operate a BMF franchise.

Additional equipment:

To deliver the Military Fit HIIT workouts, additional sandbags are required. The quantities supplied in the Military Fit Ops Pack meet the number needed for this workout programme. If the franchisee decides not to purchase this pack, sandbags can be purchased separately for use in the HIIT workouts.

The Pack consists of:
  • BMF Branded Power Bands - Orange, Red, Black & Purple - 15 each, 60 in total
  • BMF Branded Water Bottles x 6
  • BMF Branded Kettlebells - 10 x 8kg, 10 x 12kg, 10 x 16kg, 6 x 20kg & 6 x 24kg - 42 in total
  • Agility Ladders x 3
  • Cone Packs x 1
  • Agility Strips x 1
  • First Aid Kit for the Vehicle x 1
  • First Aid Kit for the Back Pack x 1
  • Camelbak Motherlode x 1